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Nigerian Army 81RRI Recruitment 2021/2022 Application Form is Out – Apply Here

Nigerian Army 81RRI Recruitment 2021/2022 Application Form is Out – Apply Here. Is Nigerian Army 81RRI form out. Below is nigerian army 81rri recruitment portal Form is Out – Apply Here, nigerian army recruitment form closing date and how to join nigeria army.

Nigerian Army 81RRI Recruitment 2021/2022

Is Nigeria Army 81RRI Form 2021 Out

Do you wish to apply for the ongoing Nigerian army recruitment 81rri? If yes, The Nigerian Army has opened the registration web portal for the 81RRI for trades/non tradesmen and women for 2021/2022 session.

Online Registration for the Nigerian Army 81RRI exercise is scheduled to start from 15 February 2021.

There are several job oppositions that suit your educational qualification. If you are a secondary school certificate holder or a university degree holder, visit Nigerian army 81rri recruitment portal now to apply for the ongoing recruitment.

For the benefit of those who are not well versed with the function of the Nigeria Army 81RRI, I am going to give a brief overview before I will talk on the application process.

About Nigeria Army 81RRI Recruitment 2021

Nigerian Army is the largest component of the Nigerian armed forces and responsible for land war operations. As at 2013, the strength of the permanent army amounted to almost 100,000 men. Another 82,000 members of trained paramilitary forces were available to increase regular units, if necessary. It is governed by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC).

Importan fact you need to know about the Nigerian army

  1. They are the largest land force in terms of total number in Africa
  2. They have participate in numerous peace keeping operation than any other African country.
  3. They have participate in peace keeping operation in almost all the continent including Asia, Middle East.
  4. The peace and stability countries like Liberia Enjoy today can be attributed to the sacrifices of the Nigerian army

Nigerian Army 81RRI Recruitment Portal

Warning! is not the official recruitment portal of Nigerian Army 81rri form 2021. We published Nigerian Army Recruitment updates to help those seeking to apply know their way about. The guide here is totally free, we do not charge for anything.

The official portal remains

We will never ask any of our readers to pay us to get recruited. We are not in any affiliation with the recruitment agency. Should anyone contact you in our name, do so to report the person to use and necessary actions will be taken.

Available Positions for Nigerian Army 81RRI Recruitment Trades/Non Tradesmen and Women

1.) Non Tradesmen/Women
2.) Singer
3.) Journalist
4.) Song Writer (Nigerian Army Band Corps)
5.) Photographer
6.) Instrumentalist
7.) Video Cameraman/Woman
8.) Mechanical Technician (Army Aviation)
9.) Electrical Technician (Army Aviation)
10.) Video Technician
11.) Chaplain (Roman Catholic)
12.) Graphic Designer
13.) Public Address Operator/Audiographer
14.) Chaplain (Islamic)
15.) Chaplain (Protestant)
16.) Finance Corp
17.) Military Police
18.) Biomed Technician
19.) Medical Supplier
20.) Pysiotherapist
21.) Computer Operator/Technician
22.) Language Expert
23.) Interpreter
24.) Driver (Intelligence Corps)
25.) Electrician (Intelligence Corps)
26.) Language Teacher
27.) Plumber (Intelligence Corps)
28.) Educationist
29.) Tailor
30.) Storeman/Woman
31.) Printer
32.) Library Scientist
33.) Book-keeper
34.) Spray Painter
35.) X-Ray Technician
36.) Vulcanizer
37.) Electro-medical Technician
38.) Boat Technician
39.) Carpenter/Woodworker
40.) Sign Writer
41.) Dental Technician
42.) Blacksmith
43.) Generator/Plant Technician
44.) Automotive Electrician
45.) Welder
46.) Pharmacy Technician
47.) Environmental Technician
48.) Sportsmen/Women
49.) Sports Instructor
50.) Upholsterer
51.) Drivers (Nigerian Army Medical Corps)
52.) Painter (Nigerian Army Engineers)
53.) Iron Bender (Nigerian Army Engineers)
54.) Aluminium Work Technician
55.) Technician (Nigerian Army Signal)
56.) Caterer (Supply and Transport)
57.) Driver (Supply and Transport)
58.) Boat Operator (Supply and Transport)
59.) Boat Engineer (Supply and Transport)
60.) Nurse
61.) Fabrication/Panel Beater
62.) Vehicle Mechanic
63.) Radio/Electronic Technician
64.) Instrument Technician
65.) Mechanical/Electronic Engineer
66.) Refrigeration & Air-Conditioner Technician
67.) Mason/Bricklayer (Nigerian Army Engineers)
68.) Carpenter (Nigerian Army Engineers)
69.) Electrician (Nigerian Army Engineers)
70.) Plant Operator (Nigerian Army Engineers)
71.) Refrigeration and Air Condition Technician (Nigerian Army Engineers)
72.) Tiller (Nigerian Army Engineers)
73.) Welder/Metal Work Technician

Nigerian Army 81RRI Recruitment 2021/2022

One thing that makes people fail recruitment is their inability to follow due process and obeying the requirements.

After the deadline for online submission of forms, all applicants’ application will be reviewed. Anyone that does not conform to the standard of the requirements will get disqualified automatically.

Then those that got shortlisted will now move ahead for physical screening/document verification.

Nigerian Army 81RRI Recruitment Requirements – General

To be able to access Army 81RRI portal and apply for the online recruitment, you must follow the standard mentioned below.

  1. Applicants must be a Nigerian citizen by birth and possess a National Identity Card.
  2. Applicants must be medically, physically and psychologically fit.
  3. Applicants must be free of any criminal conviction by the court of law.
  4. All Applicants must possess at least a minimum of 4 passes in not more than 2 sittings in WASSCE/GCE/NECO/NABTEB at 0/level including the English Language.
  5. in addition to the above qualification, those applying as tradesmen/women must also possess Trades Test/City GuildCertificate. Details are available on the website.
  6. An applicant must not be less than 18 years and not more than 22 years for non-tradesmen/women, while tradesmen/women must not be less than 22 years and not more than 26 years as at the commencement of training by 31 May 2021
  7. Not less than 1.68 metres and 1.62 metres tall for male and female candidates respectively.
  8. Knowledge of additional Nigerian language other than mother tongue is an added advantage.


How to Apply for Nigerian Army 81RRI Recruitment 2021

All applications are done online at the Nigerian Army 81 Regular online recruitment portal.

You must meet with all the specified requirements to be successful

The Nigerian Army 81 Regular Recruitment 2021 is free. Do not pay anyone to help you with the recruitment.

Ready to apply, Visit

How to Start Nigerian Army 81RRI 2021 on the Portal

Once you go to the portal, you will have to create an account if you are a new applicant.

If you already have an account, simply use the login form to access your account and complete the application form, submit online and print a copy. registration.

Note: You must have a valid email address since you are going to verify your registration with a link sent to your email.

Complete the application form, submit online and print a copy. Then, print and complete the Guarantor Form as appropriate.

Ensure you bring with you copies of the application and guarantor forms to the designated state recruitment centres.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Update

  1. Candidates are to note that there will be Pre-Selection Computer Based Test • No special centre for recruitment.
  2. Them will be no Zonal Screening Exercise.
  3. All screening of potential recruits will be conducted at the candidates’ respective stab of origin
  4. Candidates are not to bring electronic or recording devices to the venue of the Recruitment Exercise.
  5. Candidates are also expected to adhere to COVID-19 protocol which Includes: regular washing of hands, use of face mask aid dwarfing physical distance.
  6. Any candidate who falsifies or forges his or her result and is discovered even during training at Depot NA would be withdrawn.
  7. Candidates are advised to come with their BVN printout.
  8. Candidates are advised in their own interest not to give any form of gratification or inducement to any person or group of persons to assist then in the recruitment exercise.
  9. Candidates am advised to carefully read the instruction on the website or call the following support lines if in doubt: 07081271985 and 07041467033.
  10. Names of shortlisted candidates for screening will be published on the NA websIte for the awareness of all candidates
  11. Shortlisted candidates are to report to their respective states of origin for the screening exercise from 12 to 26 Apri 2021.
  12. Successful candidates would be conveyed to NA Training Area Falgore Forest Kano State from 26 April 2021.

Nigerian Army 80RRI Recruitment Form Closing Date 2021

The deadline for Nigerian Army 81RRI Recruitment has been made known. You will endeavor to complete the online registration before 6th April, 2021 else your application will not be accepted.

Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2021

See how much Nigerian Army pays officers in 2021. Do you want to know how much salary is paid in the Nigerian Army? Then read this article to get the information you need.

The Nigerian Army 81RRI 2021 salary scale is the main focus of our article today. In this article, we will provide information on Nigerian Army salary, Nigerian Army ranks and every information related to how much Nigerian Army pay workers.

Nigerian Army Ranks 2021

The Nigerian remains the largest army in Africa in terms of their size, they have successfully increased in number from 18,000 to over 126,000 over the years, This huge number has been attributed to their success in curtailing and handling the bokoharam crisis in recent time.

Before we go further we will like to divide the Nigerian army ranks into two categories which are :

  1. Non commission officer: this are military men who passed through the regular 6 months training in kaduna.

They are as follows

  1. Private
  2. Sergeant
  3. Warrant officer
  4. Master warrant officer

2. Commission officer: this are the main officers and they are highly respected, they are believed to be in charge of the leadership.

They are as follows :

  1. Lieutenant
  2. 2 Lieutenant
  3. Captain
  4. Major
  5. Colonel
  6. Brigadier
  7. General.

Different Ranks of the Nigerian Army

Commissioned Officers

  1. Field Marshal (5 Star General and the highest rank In the Nigerian Army)
  2. General (4 Star General)
  3. Lieutenant General (3 Star General)
  4. Major General (2 Star General)
  5. Brigadier General (1 Star General)
  6. Colonel
  7. Lieutenant Colonel
  8. Major
  9. Captain
  10. Lieutenant
  11. Second Lieutenant

Non Commissioned Officers

  1. Warrant Officer Class I
  2. Warrant Officer Class II
  3. Staff Sergeant
  4. Sergeant
  5. Corporal
  6. Lance-Corporal
  7. Private
  8. Recruit

Nigerian Army Salary Structure

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Commissioned Officers

Let’s start from the commission officers of the Nigerian army first before we moved to the salary structure of the non commission officers. Please note that the set of officers pass through the Nigeria defense academy before they where commission.

Second Lieutenant-N120,000
Lt. ColonelN350,000
Brigadier GeneralN750,000
Major GeneralN950,000
Lt. GeneralN1 million
GeneralN1.5 million

Nigerian Army Salary Structure for Non commissioned Officer

Below we have successfully listed the the salary structure for non commissioned officer of the Nigeria Army, carefully go through the Nigerian Army Salary Structure and Ranks below. All has been presented in a tabular form so that you won’t be confused

Staff SergeantN68,000
Warrant OfficerN80,000
Master Warrant OfficerN90,000

If you need our future update on Nigerian Army 81RRI Recruitment, kindly drop a comment now.

Nigerian Army 81RRI Recruitment 2021/2022

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